Tony Senghore Remix 2014



U&I Music Magazine:

“WEATHER is another solid recommendation that comes to us courtesy of our Scandinavian music network. We have come around to liking this Swedish band in a very big way from checking them out here in our office this evening.

The vibrant calling on each track brings their sound with a solid sense of resolve and triumph that is immediately evident. How things are built upon this grabs you for all the right reasons. The excellence in the overall running finds a smart sensibility that is matched with a sturdy sense of substance. It is an intelligent showing that is immersed in an incredibly expressive fashion that reveals a large amount of ability. Great bands like this don’t come around too often so check them out is our advice.”





Arbetarbladet 20/11 – 2013



BEST NEW ACT!!                                                    The Local Hero Awards  26/1 – 2013




Live session at Stortorget in Gävle with P4 Gävleborg  1/10-12


Photos: Helene Hjärpe



Södra Teatern - Stockholm

Preparation                                                                                Photo: Andreas Whålström





Gaffa announced “Out of line” as the demo of the month. Pages 56-57.

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